A quick post about my last few years as a Myotherapist in Geelong.

A Myotherapist in Geelong

The last few years have seen my passion to deliver top quality Myotherapy treatment in Geelong grow exponentially. I also really want to help people understand exactly what Myotherapy is, what differentiates it from Massage and what a Myotherapist can do for them. So the next few months of blogging will explore different elements of Myotherapy treatment and ways you can help your body at home work without even having to see a therapist.

Over the last 3 or so years I have been lucky enough to work in a great private practice seeing a wide spectrum of people, complaints, aches, pains and injuries. But as well as this I have been extremely lucky to hold a part time position with the AFL football club Geelong. Working closely with elite athletes and a wide range of the general public has taught me a really important lesson, and that is just how similar the complaints about pain in the body are between the two groups. The main difference between the two groups is that it is one groups full time job is to work on improving and caring for their bodies through exercise, treatment and rehabilitation. While the second group desperately tries to squeeze in some form of exercise or stretching into their daily grind, often taking ultimately costly short cuts along the way so that they can fit more into their already busy lifestyles. The moral of the story is that even elite athletes have their weak points, injuries, pains and set backs, but they deal with and attend to them on a daily basis. It is too easy for us (the general public) to use the excuse that we are too busy to exercise and look after ourselves or the fatal trap of “I’ll start those exercises next week. We need to make the time in our lives to exercise, stretch, get a massage before the niggle become a problem or start doing the “boring” core exercises that your P.T. or therapist gave you. Our bodies have an incredible ability to get better on their own, but we need to give it some basic essentials to like exercise, stretching and good posture to allow it to do so.

3 simple things that you could do today to help out your musculo-skeletal system.

  1. Improve your posture. How are you reading this blogg post? Smart phone, tablet, sitting with your laptop on the couch? These devices are great for doing quick tasks on the go on the internet, but prolonged use (greater than 20 min) leads to us placing our bodies into stressful postural positions. Even using your laptop at your desk isn’t great for your spine, as the laptop screen is down too low. A simple solution to this is spend around $35 on a wireless keyboard and mouse and sit your laptop up higher on some old phone or text books on your desk, the center of the screen should be around eye level or 10 degrees above or below and should be straight in front of you, not to the left or right. This avoids sustained neck flexion which can lead to upper back and neck pain as well as headaches.
  2. Move!!!! Exercising your body doesn’t mean that you have to hit the gym and work up a sweat, just go for a brisk 20 minute walk or ride around the block, swim or do a yoga or pilates DVD at home. Often our muscles and spine get sore due to a lack of movement through their full range, so a good 20-30 min of exercise a day is like a grease and oil change for the body.
  3. Rest. Rest and sleep are really important for out bodies recovery phase. A common cause for a bad nights sleep is not having the right pillow. To improve your quality of sleep, make sure that pillow is supportive enough and at the right height. When you are lying on your side your spine should be in a nice straight position.

pillow posture

If you think your pillow is to low try folding a towel in half a few times and placing it underneath your pillow to raise it up slightly.



I'm a Myotherapist in Geelong, passionate about providing top quality Myotherapy with a clinical approach, ensuring fast effective results for the patient. Geelong Myotherapy also provides great soft tissue therapy like Remedial Massage to release tired and stressed muscles.

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