Trent Beaton MyotherapistTrent Beaton Myotherapist Geelong

Trent Beaton is currently in his 10th year practicing Myotherapy in Geelong. Trent finished studying Myotherapy at RMIT in 2005 and went on to work in private clinic’s in Australia and Canada. He spent 5 seasons including the 2011 premiership winning year, ¬†as a Myotherapist at the Geelong Cats AFL football club, working amongst the medical team treating the playing group.

Nowadays, Trent is based solely in the clinic and enjoys being able to help a wide range of patients from elite sports people including runners, triathletes and cross fit athletes through to the general public for conditions ranging from general back pain and headaches as well as shoulder, hip and sporting injuries.

He currently has a strong interest in running technique education, and the supportive functional strength exercises that complement efficient, injury free running technique.

Trent currently runs somewhere around 120km per week, as a middle to long distance runner. As part of his strength training regime Trent also does cross fit once a week, and his spare time enjoys hanging out with his family, mountain biking and watching AFL.


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