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Running Cadence

Runners; Reduce muscle injuries and soreness. Geelong runners and long distance athletes are always asking me, “What can I do to prevent leg soreness?”   While there are lots of things that you can do to help, a simple change

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Beginner Pain’s

Despite the drop off in weather conditions that we have just encountered in Geelong, I am pleasantly surprised to find that there a still a lot of people motivated enough to start a new activity, whether that be a boot

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Tight hamstrings or weak hamstrings?

A Geelong Myotherapist’s take on why your hamstrings could be so “tight” I read an article from a fitness blog this morning and came across the old holly grail….. “The stretching routine to cure tight hamstrings.” As a Myotherapist and

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Reduce your neck and back pain

Improve your computer posture As mentioned in the previous post, it is really important to have your computer screen at the right height. This ensures that minimal strain is placed on the spine and the surrounding muscles, improving your posture

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A quick post about my last few years as a Myotherapist in Geelong.

A Myotherapist in Geelong The last few years have seen my passion to deliver top quality Myotherapy treatment in Geelong grow exponentially. I also really want to help people understand exactly what Myotherapy is, what differentiates it from Massage and

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