Corrective Exercises

  • Why do I get headaches?

  • Why does my back or neck feel great after I see a Myotherapist but then regress over time?

  • Why did I tear my right hamstring and not the left?

These are all really common questions that a Myotherapist in Geelong gets asked all the time.

In the 21st century our body’s are being asked to function much differently to cope with new environmental stresses. Those stresses are made up of siting in an office chair for 8 hours a day, working on your laptop on the couch, driving your car for 6 hours per week. The simple things in life that we take for granted our bodies were never actually designed to do, so our habits and environments are tending to overwork certain areas of the body and musculo-skeletal system while at the same time neglecting others.

This is where Corrective Exercises are important to restore balance to the musculo-skeletal system. Myotherapists will use assessment techniques to determine if and where simple exercises and stretches will help improve posture and strength. Corrective exercises ensure that your spine, muscles and joints are optimized to allow them to function at their full potential, eliminating the causes of your pain or dysfunction.

Improving your posture and using corrective exercises can:

  • Improve the health of your spine and central nervous system
  • Improve concentration
  • Improve sports performance
  • Decrease pain
  • Reduce headache symptoms

Speak to your Myotherapist at Geelong Myotherapy about ways that you can improve your posture or modify your training regime to better yourself and reduce the frequency of your symptoms.

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