Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue MassageDeep Tissue Massage, what is it?

In short as the name suggests it involves the Myotherapist applying strong pressure to the muscle and then gliding through the muscle fibers with their thumbs or elbows at a fairly slow rate.

How Deep Tissue Massage works

The musculo-skeletal system is made up lots of layers of muscle, fascia (connective tissue) and tendons. If those layers become adhered to the surrounding tissue it can cause tightness, dysfunction of the joints and ultimately lead to pain. Deep tissue massage is beneficial because it penetrates deeper into the muscle fibers and helps separate layers of tissue, or sections of muscle fibres that have become adhered to each other. This enables greater mobility of the tissue and joints, decreases pain and increases circulation, helping your body perform better.

At Geelong Myotherapy we find that we get the best results by using a number of different techniques during the one treatment session. For example Deep Tissue Massage might be required in the neck while Trigger Point Therapy or Cupping might produce better results for your upper back. Your Myotherapist will always use assessment techniques to identify where your problems are occurring from and will discus their recommended treatment plan with you.


Other forms of deep tissue therapy available from you Myotherapist at Geelong Myotherapy!

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