Hicaps claiming for your treatment is available at Geelong Myotherapy

Can I claim Myotherapy on my private health insurance?

All major private health providers will include a rebate for Myotherapy treatment, provided that it is included in your extras cover. Almost all funds will let you claim your benefit on the spot with HICAPS, meaning that you are only left to pay the gap amount at the time of your appointment.

What is Dry Needling?

The insertion of a very fine acupuncture needle into the “Trigger Point” or tight and injured point of the muscle which makes the muscle relax. It is a different technique to Acupuncture and aside from a short lived “dull pressure” similar to when someone pushes on a tight muscle, the technique is relatively painless. Dry Needling is not always required during your treatment, and will only be used with your informed consent.


What can I expect during my treatment?

The first 2-5 minutes of your consult will normally be used for history taking and assessment, depending on the type or complexity of your issue more or less time could be required. For the remainder of the time the therapist will apply hands on techniques to treat your complaint. Re-testing to assess the effectiveness of the treatment may also be performed at the end of the consult.



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